Helicopter Charter

Solving Your Business and Private Travel Problems.

With over-congested roads and unreliable rail networks, Helicopter charter and / or helicopter hire in the India is proving to be of considerable value to business and private individuals alike.

Propulsion Air Helicopter Charters are a highly versatile means of travel, allowing you to land or take off from remote areas or city center helipads; any location can be reached with ease. Small Helicopter charters are ideal for flights up to 1 hour while larger helicopters can cover up to a 2-hour flight.

Corporate Helicopter Charter

  • Reduced commuting time to work.
  • Flexible fast service, offering the possibility to make multiple site visits within a single day.
  • Conduct business on board and stay in contact with your office while you are traveling.
  • Chartering a helicopter is made simple by one of our dedicated Account Managers.

Leisure Helicopter Charter

  • Affordable, convenient and uninterrupted travel, avoid the traffic jams and scheduled service delays.
  • Possibility of landing directly at a number of convenient locations, airports and other exceptional venues
  • Fastest transit to a film shooting, skiing destination, public gathering destination.
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