Passenger Charter

Propulsion Air fully tailored to your every requirement, discretion assured. Travel in total comfort and luxury with access to a range of VIP services such as short boarding times, gourmet cuisine or the latest in in-flight entertainment. The charter itself enables the negotiations of confidential matters, negotiations and a bigger integration with your staff. These features make a huge difference to your business.

Our dedicated staff will look after each detail and provide you with a discreet, yet attentive service where all your personal needs are taken care of, to ensure an unforgettable experience every time you travel.

When you decide to charter an aircraft you have flexibility in terms of departure and arrival times, as well as a more extensive selection of destination airports.

Propulsion Air Arranges first class VIP private charter service.

  • Discreet service where confidentiality and anonymity are assured.
  • Short boarding times and deboarding time.
  • India has number of airports which are still not used by airlines but definitely for charter travel. Choose the airport convenient for you that fits into your schedule.
  • World Cuisine available on demand.
  • A stress-free journey every time you travel.
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